Here in Colorado, they have started replacing some of the left turn lane lights with a slightly different setup. now instead of having 5 bulbs, they only have 4 in a single line. Instead of having a solid green for “you can turn when it is clear” they now have a yellow arrow that flashes.

I uncertain as to whether this was for economical or awareness issues (since flashing yellow says “caution” better than a solid green), but it has been amusing to see the effect.

After a testing period in a few cities (such as Pueblo), these lights have been migrating into the bigger cities, such as Springs, Denver, and Aurora. the funny thing is that they have been here for several months, but people still often come up and get really confused. No one seems to understand. There is one by our school, and I have several times followed the same person through this light and they will just sit there totally oblivious to what is going one. A slight “courtesy honk” does not seem to make a difference. The lights don’t even stay lit for close to a “watch out for the red” length of time. When it comes for the red, the yellow is significantly longer than the flashing.

What makes this amusing is that these lights been in Pueblo for over a year now. Most people picked up how they worked in about a week or two. Growing up in Pueblo and having parents who still live there, I can solidly attest that the average person in Pueblo is far below average most everywhere (Except perhaps the South. And a toss-up with the East. Far below average in Colorado, at least.).