I would prefer to be the type of man that uses things that can be found on places such as shaveblog.com, but at the time i am writing this i do not have the time or money to put into finding out the best system to get a babyface (especially since i dont shave all of my face).

Ideally, one would use a brush, shaving soap (and mug), and a safety or straight razor. I am not quite there yet.

Step 1 – preparing the face. take a shower (this will help soften the hair). Get a wet warm-hot (they say not to use hot, but i like hot b/c it seems to work the best for me). I usually do this while preparing the second step.

Step 2 – apply the shaving soap. I do not use creams, foams, gels, etc b/c they dont work nearly as well. and they are more expensive in the long run. Getting set up for this part can be a bit more pricey at first, but is definitely worth it to avoid the pain and save some money over time. Get a brush and soap. a decent low-end brush will run around $40; soap around $5-10. “Pure” badger hair is the cheapest of the badger hair varieties (which you want). even getting a cheapo ($5) brush from wally world is better than using spray cream or gel, though it is far from the real experience. Run hot water over the brush, then swirl it on the soap to pick up the soap. Lather the soap on your face (i use a swirling motion) to build up a thick lather. it does not take much soap to do this (my last bar has lasted about 4 years, but i only shave 1-2 times a week and only part of my face).

Step 3 – shave. Ideally, this would be a safety razor or straight razor, but the skill and money required are often prohibitive. Instead, one wants to get a razor with as few blades as possible. 1 blade is preferred, but 2 is acceptable (often the singles are incredible poorly made or hard to find). 3, 4, 5 blades will cause your skin to pull burn, and will actually be less effective then the lower-tech (and less expensive) alternatives. I believe the ones i currently use were one of the more expensive options that fit the qualifications and cost around $3.50 for 5 (2-blade b/c i couldn’t find 1-blade). Don’t worry about a “lubrication strip” or swivel head, and these bring up the cost and don’t’ really help since you are wet-shaving. If you did steps 1-2 correctly, you will probably only have to go over your face once, maybe twice (since i have a beard, some areas are maybe more since i have to make it mostly straight).

Step3 – cleanup. Wipe off face, rinse and dry razor (keeps it from rusting), wash out brush – shake dry and hang point down (if possible; or stand on base), use aftershave.