i have an MA in Biblical Counseling and am working on my NANC certification. if you want more info about counseling, i have another site/blog dedicated to counseling. there are some resources i have made on there. since our church is not currently meeting, i am available to do counseling on my own. feel free to contact me to set something up (if you do not have another way to get a hold of me, you can do it through my other site). i am looking into starting a counseling ministry somewhere in the Front Range.

the focus in my counseling is not so much “fixing” every single problem that comes up in life (since i am not a physician, i cannot and would not be someone who would diagnose and correct a physical condition), but to help people to deal with these situations in light of God’s grace. I am not an “expert” but a fellow-struggler who is trying to help a brother or sister out of the mud (Galatians 6;1-5)

this is done primarily through my local church, although i may be able to work with people who have ties somewhere else (or are even a minister at another church). counseling is a ministry, so it is done free of charge (though you must provide any materials and be committed to the process). the number of sessions vary by individual and situation, though real change typically begins to occur within a few weeks and sessions rarely get very far into the double digits.

if you think that you could use help or a fresh perspective on a situation or life in general, please contact me.