the National Driver Training Institute is one of the best and most influential driving schools in the country. we are one of the largest schools in Colorado with locations (a mix of offices and high schools/colleges) in the double digits.

as one of the oldest and most active schools in Colorado, we have been instrumental in helping to make the roads safer, especially for teen drivers. we have helped to craft legislation, especially that which introduced and improved graduated licensing. We were the first to create and help legalize parent-taught driver’s ed. we were the first to create and legalize online driver’s ed. we are still the most affordable on both (having almost 50,000 students to date helps with that). we didn’t just stop with Colorado. our program is now accepted in almost 30 states, several of which we are the only program other than a school setting (in Texas, other parent-taught programs must meet our standards before they can be sold. our first two students in Texas where the daughters of the governor who passed the legislation allowing us to operate there).

we also have private lessons and classroom education available, all structured around and based upon our online program.

in doing lessons, we don’t waste your time or you student’s time by making them sit in the car during other lessons (whenever we have tried this it just proves to cause extra distraction and does not save any time overall). we don’t pad hours with breaks. 6 hours of driving is 6 hours of driving. we have goals for our lessons, but not a checklist. we want to make sure each level of driving is mastered before moving onto the next one. we may spend more time with certain students in certain areas, but we will not take them somewhere that they are not ready to handle because we care about their safety (and ours. cars are expensive, lol). we don’t use a skip pad because it doesn’t help, and generally causes more problems then it solves (I have had more drive test failures from students of a school that is built on this principle than everyone else combined!)! plus, we are in Colorado! if you really want to practice skidding, it will snow at some point in time during the year of driving, so go for an open parking lot and practice there.

i didn’t know about NDTI before i started working for them, but as someone who works with teenagers through various avenues and has seen the result of different driving schools and approaches, i will be sending everyone i know to NDTI because i want the best for them. I have great respect for a company that was contacted by the state to become a non-profit organization based upon the fact that they put so much of their profits into program development and improving driver safety across the country. aside from being the best, it is also one of the most affordable. and you can buy what you need, not prepackaged programs that spend too much time on things you don’t need because it fits someone else’ plan.


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